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     This memorial website was created in memory of our son, Trevor Angelo. He was born to Jason and Mavis Weekooty on March 26, 1992 and went home with our Lord on March 05, 2005 at the age of 12. Trevor died at Phoenix's Children's Hospital, in Az.  He was such a sweet young man, who would have been 19 yrs old in 2011.   
    Trevor was born premature in Gallup, NM. But he did not even look like he was a born a couple of months too early, because he had grown tall and big. He was an artist in his own way, drawing on anything he can get his hands on. He drew mostly of things that connected with his Zuni Pueblo tribe, Indian art and designs. And he was good at it. He was in the "B" honor roll. His school, (Zuni Mid-School) held a lovely memorial for him and they did a front page In-Memory of Trevor in there annual yearbook. Thanks to all who did that for him. He would have loved it. It is hard to lose a child, brother,and an uncle. His plans were to have enrolled at the Santa Fe Indian School this coming year. He had worked really hard for that, getting his grades up. We really miss you Trey, and we are trying are hardest to be strong and going on with our lives. You were the one that made our day, watching you leave for school and waiting for you, to see what new things you had learned that day. Your best friends are always thinking of you, they had a real hard time at school after and I see them often. Also all your cousins, like they all miss you ever so much. You were everything that a parent would wish for, loving, honest and smart. We'll always thinking of you, and will always light a candle for you. Well it's been a 6 years now that you have have been gone, and the students at Zuni Mid-School sponsored a Trevor Weekooty Memorial Co-ed Basketball tournament on March 9th and 10th in honor of you. Thanks to Chad Cheama and his parents, Joseph and Janice Cheama and the staff at ZMS. You are being missed by all your classmates and I witness that myself, when I was at your school. They dedicated that whole week for you, dedicating and playing all your favorite songs. I thought no one but us would remember your anniversary, but I was wrong. They all remember your jokes and art work, and most of all your laughter. I do miss all that and it is not easy to try and go on. Well, we got invited for your Exit celebration from Mid-school. LaCretia Lastiyano, Patricia Gasper, Samantha Vicenti, and Melvina Livingston came by with an invitation for that night. They had a real nice set-up with all the decorations. They did a tribute to you. A presentation with all your photos from newborn to seventh grade. And on each picture a caption from friends and classmates alike. Thank -you everybody from Zuni Mid School. Your class and staff are the best. Your senior year has come and gone.         Class of 2010.
Million times we miss you, a million times we cry, you took a piece of us with you the day you died. Rest in Peace my son.   --  Where do we begin, "Thank-you " is not enough to convey how we all feel. The outpouring of sincere concern was and is overwhelming. The love, care, sharing, gifts, flowers, food and shoulders were and are appreciated. Please know just how thank-ful we truly are. We will hold your kindness in our hearts always. Take whatever memory you have of TREVOR no matter how big or small and nurture it. Let it light your path from time to time.       Don' yadon k'okshi' sunnahk' yanapdu.

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Just another day!   / Mavi Weekooty (Mom)
    Just another day living without you. I find myself living here and there, always the same. Trying to find you in a crowd or just to look if anybody out there would resemble you. Tears when I do see and follow the person, wishi...  Continue >>
3/5/2011  / Weekooty Family (Mom,Dad,Siblings)
Today marks six years your boby has been gone from us. We know your soul is living a good life on the other side. We know that you are watching all of us with great care. At times we can imagine and feel your presence of you when it rains or when we ...  Continue >>
It's Christmas again.   / Mother Weekooty (mom)
Christmas has never the same since you left this life. No more tree and decorations. It's just dad me and Rick. I can't and won't celebrate it w/out you. Oh how I miss you (sob) why? Trevor why? To this day I wonder why you came into our lives f...  Continue >>
Happy 18th Birthday!   / The Weekootys (Family)
Today is Friday March 26 2010. This is a special day for us eighteen years ago a tiny little boy was born on this day in 1992. He grew to bring love and happiness into our lives. He would have made us so proud of him right now. He would be standing t...  Continue >>
Five Years Without You March 5, 2010   / Jason Weekooty Family (Trevor's Family )
 Today is March 5, 2010 This day marks off another year without Trevor Angelo Weekooty. He has been gone now for FIVE YEARS! It still feels like yesterday for our family. No matter how much we cry or laugh about him nothing will take the pain a...  Continue >>
Our Friend, Our Classmate: Trevor W!!!!  / Nikkie Edaakie (Cousin/ Classmate )    Read >>
I'll miss you suwe'.  / Josh Honawa (Cousin and Baba )    Read >>
Trevor Remembered  / Ken And Jennifer Holmes (Friend)    Read >>
to my auntie  / Katie Honawa (cusin)    Read >>
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Just want to say Hello.  / Kirsten McLellan     Read >>
today / Mom Weekooty (mom)    Read >>
Class of 2011  / Mom (mother)    Read >>
In memory  / Ramona Abrego (Parents Friend )    Read >>
another year  / Katie Honawa (cousin)    Read >>
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His legacy
1992-2005 A wondeful boy to be remembered  
Keshi, Ho Trevor Weekooty le'shina. 
Hom a:tashshina a:chi Mavis dap Jason. 
Hom annodun Dowa:kwe de:yan Dowa:kwe a:wan cha'le.
Five Years Gone  

Trevor's family, would like to thank all the people who visit this site to honor him. I am the 3,105 person to visit his web site, on March 3, 2010. Please visit more offten. Please, please write a comment or light a candle for him when you get a chance to. Thank You!

He loved to draw. He kept telling the family that he was going to be just like his grandfather the famous Mr. Alex Seowtewa.  His Grandfather was most inspirational towards the drawings Trevor worked on throughout the years. (Thank-you, Uncle Alex).
Trey was always a B+ student
Made the honor roll many times throughout the years.
5th grade 3/21/02  
Science Fair night was the most wonderful night for Trevor and his family. Trevor and his best friend Evan Naktewa made a model of a Army Tank (with the help of brother Rick) They made it out of card board boxes, painted and colored the whole tank. The two boys read  their report and smiled for the judges, while all that time Trey was in his army clothes. At the end of the night they received the First Place award for best science fair project. This was after the 9/11 incident.
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